Worst worse than ever
Worst worse than ever

Worst worse than ever

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As it is said, the crime is a rare blame for the weakness; the same amendment can be said that the worst punishment for the offense is a crime.

Where did we come? How have we gone home to brutal and cruel, selfish and cruel, and untouched elite and their abducted tyrants? I will try to present two examples. Even workers in the corporate world are exploited, but there are still some corporate ethics, and workers and workers are given fewer services in decent and conscious communities. Why do not I be disappointed? But brutal and cold seal investors or companies are also forced to give some relief from brutal communities to respect the law. But in our societies where rates of education are embarrassed, the majority of the people are incomplete, disregarded their rights, such as their destruction and destruction, the situation worsens worse than the worst situation and system of exploitation of exploitation They are cultivated, which are unhealthy.

Two of the basic basic requirements of electricity and water are two important requirements. In Pakistan there was no such shortage or decline of electricity, nor was there a decline in water like this, in the past few years, and it is increasing fasting. why like this? Actually, people who know every legitimate mixture by making ornaments or making gold, they first focused on electricity and a central system which was responsible for delivery and delivery of electricity and now Also, by adopting a regular legal route by disadvantages, by privatization, the system of electricity distribution companies, and opened a channel of these profits, which is gold mining. Electricity system was destroyed and billions of rupees were introduced to alternative panels, UPSs, generators and now more recently introduced solar panels.
On the other hand, the demand for public interest in the name of billing is quite profitable. No one is mad, no crying. If we talk about electricity, do you know that the investor company, Abraaj Capital, bought it at $ 1.4 billion a year ago, when it was called the KSEC. Yes, only one billion four billion; which was not even five percent of KESC’s original price and it would have been one billion four billion in the first year itself. Afterwards, only the profit and profit is being enjoyed and taken. And we are still continuing to punish the massacre because of ignorance. All these cases have begun opening during the release of Pakistani-born President and chairman of the Abuja Capital’s recent British arrest and the highest bail of millions of pounds in England a few days later. Otherwise, on the electric sales agreement, such a bunch of mask was lying from the black nipple of our elite, no one was able to draw. It’s just about Electricity, even if you imagine the other cosmetic companies, it will be estimated that it is such a big game.

Now come to the water! Here’s a similar story and the tragedy has been fought. Although this chain is new to electricity, that is, this master plan has begun to process a few years since now and its key is also the same solution, creating a big difference between demand and supply and alternative systems and resources. To promote

Here, one thing is to share that a narrative has been described to deal with water in the context of a tradition of Hadith, but now in cities and in particular, the water and the quality of which is being sold and related institutions The eyes are sleeping asleep, they are not hidden from anyone. The plant takes RO plants and starts selling, and the business runs due to artificial shortage of water. But experts can be able to estimate how dangerous it is under water reserves and people’s health in the underground. What kind of warning is that such a loud voice can not get attention because of ignorance and less knowledge. This capitalist elite is busy making billions of tricks silently. Whichever can be a barrier or the game can spoil, it is given the part of the world that the value of everything in the world, the principle and value of the person is given. If you are just going back, people like me, people and people like you.

So bear These are just two fields where state institutions play instead of mothers instead of mother, instead of preventing these investors, they are returning to the people, and they are following the idea that Babar Baha Elisha wants the world to come back again. It means that it can be so worried that the world again, where the world again.

Apart from these two fields, and how many areas in which areas are being collected and extracted from the public’s blood sweat, they are well aware of it.

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