The question of questioning of the people of Pakistan: Will you get oil from the Arabian Sea?
The question of questioning of the people of Pakistan: Will you get oil from the Arabian Sea?

The question of questioning of the people of Pakistan: Will you get oil from the Arabian Sea?

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Watan Aziz says that a large amount of oil vessels can be discovered from the Arabian Sea.

Prime Minister Pakistan also conveyed the statement to the nation by giving a statement. It is obviously, if this store is discovered, then it will definitely help four years later, if it is not possible to improve Pakistan’s serious economic situation.

It is a fact that the predictions of a large amount of oil vessels can be fulfilled. GS and Petrol became the primary source of human life. Therefore, due to lack of or decreasing their lives are affected.
Power has been given to Pakistan by both sources of Battatanyan. But our ruling class was unable to take advantage of this natural wealth. That is why ‘Pakistan is forced to buy gasoline and gas per year of $ 14 billion from foreign countries every year .But this purchase will take our global trade into loss. India has suffered a loss of $ 11 billion worth of global trade each year. Due to this deficit also the value of Pakistani currency falls and the country’s inflation increases.

Voter dear reservoir fuel

With the help of the US Institute of America in 2015, US and American specialists, Geologists and Scientific Sciences, researched the rocks on the ground, through modern appliances in different geographical areas of Pakistan. This research revealed that there is a type of sedimentary rocks in the Sheale (Shale) which contains 10,000 billion cubic feet of gas and two thousand thirty billion barrels of oil. The same said that the above mentioned It is possible to get the “twenty-quarter cubic feet of gas” and “58 billion barrels of oil” with the help of traditional technology.

At present, the quantity of gas reserves in Pakistan was two cubic feet. While oil reserves contained about 39 million barrels of oil. Due to major facts, there is heavy oil reservoirs available in the area of ​​Pakistan. Remember that at present there is the highest reservoirs of vigiline oil in which three kilograms of barrel oil is safe. Saudi Arabia (2.66 Kharre Barrel), Canada (1.69 billion) Iran (1.58 billion), Iraq (1.42 billion), Kuwait (one quarter), comes from the United Arab Emirates (97 billion) and Russia (80 billion barrel). As with 58 billion barrels of oil, Pakistan holds a new record of oil in the world.

The question is, why is the government not taking concrete steps to discover this unnecessary natural treasury of fuel? Experts give different answers to this question. For example, most of the ruler’s time passes in keeping their chairs safe in their distant government. So they can not consider the major steps for national development. Secondly, it is a very expensive and complicated process of oil and gas detection. As Pakistan is a developing country, it can not spend a lot of money on this discovery.

Therefore, the availability of new VAGS reserves due to lack of funds continues slowly. Some experts claim that importing oil and gas in Pakistan has become a profitable business. So this business has a mafia or a cartilage. This castle includes powerful personalities included in the ruling class. These individuals try to keep their interests secure, that the discovery of new well-known oil and gas in Pakistan continued to slow down. Obviously, if new wells meet Pakistan’s self-sufficient oil production, then their profitable business will be stuck.

Gift of rocky rocks

Keep in mind that oil and gas and coal reserves are found throughout the world, usually in gastric rocks. These rocks are found in combination with rocky particles’ clay ‘plants and bodies’ bodies. They take millions of years after they are formed. Punches below the ground usually get to two kilograms of rocks. Most of the area above the ground is made of their rocks. During the past several years, the vegetable trapped between the rocks and the temperature of the carbon is converted into a gas or coal due to strong pressure and temperature. The area is eight hundred and three thousand nine hundred and four square kilometers. According to experts, geoscope rocks spread over eight million square kilometers of this area. These rocks are situated on the surface of the ground. Down to two kilometers depth is also spread. Due to these submerged rocks, there is a possibility of oil and gas reserves in Pakistan. These rocks are a great gift for Pakistan.

Three Pakistani Earth Territories

Experts geographically and geologically divide the Earth’s intimate and marine land into three main regions in the form of Risbon rocks. The introduction is below.

Basin … This region has spread from Kohat to the mountains of Karachi and Katherine and Koh Sulaiman. This is the largest region in the suburbs of Pakistan. This region is divided into three sub-regions. These three sub-regions also have seven more small regions. In the region, Upper Sindh sub-region, there are two sub-regions, namely Kohoh Basin and Pottohar Basin. The other sub-region of the ‘Central Sindh sub-region’ has three sub-regions or regions namely North Punjab Basin, Central Punjab Basin and Sulman (hill) Basin. Thaera “Lower Sindh sub-region” holds two small areas, Sindh Basin and Carrera (Hill) basin.

  • Bachchan Basin … This region is spread from Pashin to the Iranian border. It has three major pieces, Pashin Basin, Balochistan Basin and Makran Basin.
  • Basar (off noise) basin … This region has been spread over a wide range of Mediterranean Arabs, starting from the shores of Pakistan.

From Pakistan, the special economic zone of the Arabian Sea in Arabia has two hundred and four thousand square kilometers (1,800 hundred thousand square miles). The area is divided into two sub-regions “Sindh Maori Beach” (Off Shull) and ‘Makran Mountains’.

Date of excavation

In order to get oil, the first regular wells were lost in Azerbaijan in 1848. Usually oil and gas reserves are commonly used. Therefore, digging well, both oil and gas are discovered only. The obvious thing is that India is particularly old in search of oil. It was reported that the oil itself appeared in the surface of the ground in the Kundal area of ​​Manowali district. Say that in 1866 the oil was poured out and the oil started to be extracted. Meanwhile, oil was discovered in Balochistan’s Kutthana (Makran). There was a total of 25,000 barrels of oil from 1885 to 1892.

By the time, oil-detection technology has been developed. Wheat digging has also invented modern appliances and tools. Due to this, excavation of oil and gas exploded by digging into rocky rocks. In 1915, Atak Oil Company discovered oil in the Pandy Gheep area. By 1954, almost 400 hundred wells were dried to oil.

After the formation of Pakistan, the first oil of oil was Sui gas flame lost near Balochistan. However, in this area only gas reserves could be found. In the year 1961, oil was discovered in Tothar area of ​​Pothohar, and there were different wells. There was a six million barrels of oil in a tropical area.

In the 1970s, American oil companies first digged well in the Arabian Sea to discover oil and gas, but they had to face failure. During this period, various Pakistani provinces continued to discover oil, especially oil reserves.

After the USS research report came to normal in 2015, international companies operating in oil and gas exploration began to be interested in Pakistan again. Let’s say that 445 wells were digested in the last five years. Due to this, 16 new reserves of oil and gas were discovered. This was a great news for the people of Pakistan.

The “Crab” vineyard

From January 2019, an important well-known excavation began in the Arabian Sea. This place is 2 km away from Karachi to the south west. This project is a joint venture of four companies. These companies include Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Oil & Gas Development Company (Pakistan), ENI (Italy) and Issue Mobil (US). The first geologist believes that there is huge oil and gas reserves at the location of excavation. This store may contain three to eight cubic feet of natural gas and one billion barrels of oil. Through this drilling special ship, this line continues to be digested until the line is written.

There is 5500 feet depth digging program. Digging in the ocean is more difficult than the earth. That is why the excavation work continues slowly. Allah Almighty is saying that this excavation is successful and oil and gas can be found in the respective place. Due to this treasure of fuel, Pakistan will then overcome its economic crisis.

On this process of excavation, the expenditure will be Rs.27 billion to $ 8 million (Pune 11 billion rupees to Rs.15 billion). These costs will be distributed between four companies. In search of oil and gas, consumers say this expenditure as “dubai investment”. Due to the fact that fuel is not available from excavation, the amount is lost. Unfortunately, the oil and gas reserves discovered in the “Kakra” have been discovered, so Pakistan can not get the fuel from it soon. In this place, infrastructure will be built in four to five years with a cost of $ 30 million (Rs. 3 billion). Then there will be oil and gas from there.

After discovering oil and gas reserves in the Arabian Sea, other global companies will also turn on Pakistan. Thus, excavation of new wells across the country will increase oil and gas reserves. This situation will definitely be a good news for the economy, which has become uncomfortable by the burden of debt. By keeping these reserves, the country’s international significance will increase in revelation too.

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