Rich and poor distribution
Rich and poor distribution

Rich and poor distribution

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The biggest distress of the present is the bail between “Amir” and “poor”. Rich class is all over the world and is also delivering “poor” basic needs. State is responsible for providing bread, clothes and houses to every citizen, but there is no such situation in this state. Every day, “poor” is going to be poorer and richer “rich”.

This is the difference since centuries. Who is not aware of the race of slaves, but Islam erupted in human beings and proclaimed humanity in fighting equality. But the followers of this religious religion have also been divided into “rich” and “poor” classes.

If seen in the context of the situation, this race of economy is going crazy on the same way as a “poor” crusher bull and “rich” hooked it constantly in its luxury. Is.
Millions of riches are ruled by millions of Pakistanis. People of this black and white are unaware or unaware of the basic needs of “poor”.

If viewed, security guards, plumber, moti, nanbai, minerie, welder, mechanic, laborer, painter, electronics, doorway, driver, smoke, sewage, financial, khakrab, sniper, punch, punch, beer, Customers, conductors, and how many areas do not exist, which exist due to “poor”, and from the moment their system of universe is established.

He should prostrate what he wishes and should lose. Try giving someone else and putting someone into a test examination. But surely the investor has kept God’s provision in the provision of investors. Every Muslim who is able to get 2.5 percent yearly financially, the fasting of Ramadan, the landowner, and the charity, is the status of every Muslim. But how many people are waiting for these duties?

The villages I belong to, there are people who eat only once. In whose homes today I could not find the power meter. And only one country, not only thousands of villages in Pakistan are suffering from this problem. There is no water anywhere, there is a shortage of grains. The time-consumers of the day still raise such interest in interest-rate interest that the wages of many generations of life are destroyed.

The Muslim League is worried about its cleanliness. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is under pressure to save democracy. Siraj ul Haq should break. Asif Zardari should glue the glue on the allegations above him. Imran Khan is his government. Poor is not a good condition. The poor is going on like this, rubbing the sticks, is dying. But nobody cares for it.

The department has made zakaah, but it takes six thousand out of nine thousand to take three thousand rupees, and this department is also inactive for several years.

Poor is returned to every place with extreme care. Politicians slogans, doctors, medicines, lawyer fees, from counseling counselors, police with tea water and entire society.

The hospitals, schools, schools of “Amir” and “poor” are different, even “rich” can also go out for treatment. “Poor” has nothing to do with it. She can not read children in compulsion. If you do not have a job, you can not get a job. Afterwards they fulfill the masculine ceremonies. Due to lack of dignity, the girls grew old, the cats drank, they did not get treatment, they were removed from the school because they did not get treatment, but they did not get medical aid at the time of getting medical aid. In these circumstances, sometimes a “poor” sold blood, kidneys, still unable to get anything, the batch was stroke but sat on the saddle of the “sale for” board. Someone got upset by poverty and started taking a weapon. Somebody took a look for grief.

If nothing could happen to anyone, read the lazy of bread, then shake it from the mosque, glasses from tanks, tip towel, ceiling with feathers, and a handful of hands on the pockets of the people began to appear. What does the poor end up doing? If you do not have two meals from hard work, how will the society remain? That’s why some people took the path of a snatch, and some left the way from life.

Someone became a victim and became a sinner, someone’s lord Jigir became the chief of the chief of the ruler, burnt in a fireplace, and a master filled with sorrow was confused by dogs.

Then some of the conditions “poor” country, if the hands of enemy elements come to hand, terrorists should be called terrorists. Some small gangs emerged and employed slogans in the pleasing of some known political arts, watering on diars and freeing of free. The Gulf between the “rich” and “poor” thus widespread and it continues to grow.

The song ‘Poor’ ‘song’ singer ‘and’ Amir ‘song singer. For some reason, “poor” electrical wire, then the thief and the “rich” billion rupees are also cleaned by being involved in the corruption.

It is not a threat to martial law, it should not take anything from parliament, from parties

Do not worry He just needs justice. A court that heard his voice. It should be a government that does not give employment to Lalai Pope. If it is from a good parliament now, better than the presidential system, even if you are with the hands of the army. And even if it is reflected with the hands of good public elected representatives, “Gentlemen”.

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