On the Karachi, the composite culture, the old shop shop is still a center of diarrhea
On the Karachi, the composite culture, the old shop shop is still a center of diarrhea

On the Karachi, the composite culture, the old shop shop is still a center of diarrhea

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KARACHI: According to Anwar Rais Ansari, owner of Kunj-e-Pet, the oldest shop in front of the composite culture market in Karachi, his father, Rais Ahmad Ansari, founded this shop in 1950, was the first and only center of perfume sale in Karachi. Whereas the fragrance-like Amod, Mushkim and Amber-were sold in addition to native fragrance-related phosphorus.

According to Mohammad Rais Ansari, Shah Saud Bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia, purchased a covenant with his father on the occasion of his first visit to Pakistan, during this period several shops were established on the occasion.

Shah Saud was the eager of the Aodod and with his caravan in the government protocol, other shops used to shop for the Aadhaar, did this even during this period had an expensive flavor, and the shopkeepers also used to sell coconut from the Kanoj Astrum House. Saud was also offered from his shop, on which Shah Saud came from the shopkeepers, where the shopkeepers came to visit, to visit the Kanoj Diameter House and bought all the Stockholm stocks.
Chief of the Ansari’s father said that the money given by King Saheeh was so much that his hands were shaking, and the main figures of Pakistan are also his permanent clients, Anwar Riaz Ansari, a shopkeeper, also runs a shop with him. Thus, their third generation is associated with this business.

Anwar Rizvi Ansari said that “Kanoj” is the name of a city of India, which is famous for diabetes and pesticides in the world, hundreds of years have been strained by the natural ingredients and the stomach and ointment in northern Uttar Pradesh city.

Anwar Rais Ansari, who runs Pakistan’s oldest pediatrician shop on a comprehensive text, says that his grandfather was also the trader of perfume and perfume, Dad used to sell business in Pakistan even before Pakistan spreading the father in Pakistan. The first shop was connected to the Mawlawi Passenger Park, which MC was sold on the ground in the form of cabin in the form of cabin and sold perfume and pesticides.

The bottle became the famous center of alcoholic bottles of throat and chemistry

As a center of chemicals and elegant bottles of perfume and chemistry in the city, the bottle street on the Lighthouse receives the countrywide city, beautiful and tasty flavored glass bottles are sold in the street, locally used Imported bottles are also available with bottled bottles, on the street, used bottles used abroad are sold, which attract many people to buy their homes for decorations.

Beware people buy beautiful bottles from this street by offering perfume and perfume as a gift to their friends and their natives, on the street and artificial flavors are included in the food drinks which are manufactured concrete items. Grocery flavors are also sold for traditional brotherhood and other foods that are used to increase the perfume of food.

Light and heat are used in heat

Anwar Rais Ansari said that the heat in Karachi is used to accelerate light and cold in summer. This tradition has come with Pakistan, who has migrated from India, but now every class is using chemistry, especially in Karachi, and those who work in Karachi, Pashtuns have great taste of perfume and ointment, stirred from flowers and spices over time. Descent donations became expensive, with which English donations imported from Alcohol-free France took place.

Every famous English perfume is available in the form of alcoholic beverages, at least 100 to 200 rupees are sold more often, the tendency of use of perfume and chemistry has increased to 100 percent.

The incense fragrance is prepared from a special wood

The business of the diarrhea and alcoholic spread has spread across the country. Dozens of importers from Karachi and Lahore are preparing non-alcoholic performs with the chemical and oil “base” of permeumus, demanding the Desi-Diet demand is very little now It has been left because its identity used to be better than those before, but is no longer.

People think that diets of rose, obesity, spiral and cereal are cheap, but it is not exactly that, 10 thousand kg is made of 10 teaspoons of flowers, namely 40 thousand rupees in the original condition of rose and obesity. In the same way, the original Arabian Diet, which includes Edod etc, is Rs. 80,000. However, their purchase is not possible for the middle class, due to which the class preference to use almonds, cucumber, anchor, citrus ointment, in which the fragrance is the same, but it is not pure. This is also Rs 2 to 5 thousand rupees.

Some shopkeepers also give the quality of the third and fourth marks in Todaa, the perfume called Aod is prepared from a special wood. The wooden lamp of Arab Arab countries is also smoked, as well as the smell of a particular kind The nutrients contain nutritious perfume is a slope of the whale fish which they swallow on the beach in the form of vomiting.

Prices and perfumes due to inflation and depreciation of rupees became expensive by 30%

Due to lack of inflation and the value of rupees, the value of the donation has also increased by 10 to 30 percent, asthma and chemotherapy is an extra cost, the fragrance for low-income segment is considered as a luxury, so in low-income segment Aromatherapy is used on weddings and festivals, as perfume and ointment in Ramadan

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