Magic shrubs : the fate of mountainous areas can change
Magic shrubs : the fate of mountainous areas can change

Magic shrubs : the fate of mountainous areas can change

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There will be a pleasant surprise if you see women’s active business groups in Scorpio and its surroundings, i.e. in remote mountainous areas. More surprises will be that all these women are regularly trained and running their own small scale business units. As a whole now, a small scale, which is being presented by the Women’s Antwerpennor’s philosophy rather than jobs for the worldwide community, and on which large large conferences are being held globally, you can see its practical model in your northeast. .

We asked a lady-in-law BB that how much money she salts? So he told us very much that he earns $ 80,000 a year. He further said that he was not “guessing that this bush” C Baku Tharnan “, which has been in our area, can be of such work. We have only used it to burn it. “

It is a wonder of the Sea Buckthorn bush that employs employment to five to six thousand people, and at least four women are related to the production of different products from this bush. This is a revolution which is proving to be a moment of change in mountainous areas. However, much more remains to be done.
Allah Almighty has blessed many of the biological varieties and natural resources of Pakistan. He also has an autumn bush named “C Baku Tharnan”. This plant is found in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northern areas. It also provides the ability to develop in case of drought. It is immune force in severe cold and hot weather than underground salts. Therefore, even in any kind of weather conditions, it becomes easy to land. We can also call it a kind of berry or berry, because the plants are thorny like a beer and its fruit is like wild berries. In our towns and villages where it is found, it is mostly used as defense fences or as fuel as a result of new thorns. Until recently, its fruit did not get any popularity nor the public had more knowledge about its utility, but now the situation has changed.

According to experts, there are more than 190 nutrients in the fruit seeds, cereals, and juices of C Baku Thorneans, which provide a range of medical benefits. That is why some of the developed countries of the world, such as China, Russia, Europe and North America, are getting commercial benefits through this plant’s nutrients and this trade consists of billions of dollars a year. Only China’s 200-odd factories are preparing items, diet and accessories through this wild berries.

Professor Liveronjan, a Chinese expert of wild beer in 1996, made an early visit to the Valley of Gilgit, Chitral, Sukkur and Swat that in this country, the plant is producing about 3,000 hectares, which has collected about 150,000 tonnes of tons Fruit can be obtained. Professor Rangeen believed that Pakistan’s climate conditions and climate are very suitable for the cultivation and development of the plant. Based on this initial review of Professor Renjan, a few years ago, the Government of Pakistan’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture with the help of the organization of ICIMOD, through the National Institute of Research and Development on the Barani area (PARC-AZRI) The experimental project started working. The success of the project was achieved in the process of cultivating the plants and its fruit utility. Later, a factory was also designed to facilitate farmers in Sukkur, where it was the purpose of extracting it. Screenshots also include the Office of the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), which is very active in this regard.

The people of the villages situated in the shores of Scorpio have limited scale, but the importance of this autonomous plant is estimated. That is why they are arranging for the safety of a sue bag. In some places it has also been seen that the land on which it exists, its owners have protected this area in four walls. It is also concentrated on its safety and regular cultivation.

In this context, we can not ignore the work of the local organization “Pak-e-Baku Thôtel International”. This organization is working in those areas since 2002. Founder of this organization is Ghulam Nabi Sherish. He said that in the past 17 years, his organization has provided thousands of people with awareness about the food and medical importance of book-keepers, especially in women. So far more than 400 regular women have been trained in producing different products of cigarette bags. Farmers and farmers are also provided information to the integrated production of this jam. Under its organization, dry fruits of 100 tons of copper beans are exported almost every year. More than 70% products are supplied to European countries, while thirty percent are used indigenously.

The dry fruit is one of the most important ingredients in the cigarette products which is also called “berry”. Apart from this, the oil, powder, jam, night jam, candy, tea and asanoid care oil from the “Berry” are remarkable. It can be eaten in every form. Its diet and medical significance have been recognized throughout the world; but it is also a fact that its use in Pakistan is very low.

In such cases when the agricultural production of Pakistan continues to be inadequate to meet the food needs of the growing population every day, then unconventional.

Search for mountaineering energy resources has become inevitable, with the ingredients necessary to balance the diet, as well as those whose diet can be compared to the balanced physical needs. Apart from this, the agriculture-related class should also be cultivated for the cultivation of new things and earning income.

It is imperative that our policy makers, agricultural, medical and nutrients research and development sectors make formal research and practical efforts to benefit from this fruit so that they can benefit from the benefits of this autonomous plant due to lack of poverty and durability. Can go on the path of economic development.

Dietary importance
It would be wrong if food is considered as a source of tongue chest or stomach. In reality, there is a balanced diet that helps the body get needed. Seeing balanced diet, more than 197 useful vitamins have been found in fruit, backbone, lap and yard. They include various minerals and useful chemical elements, besides vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin ‘E’. Apparently a self-visible fruit is full of all the essential nutrients needed for health and energy. If its ingredient is included in daily food items such as juice, jelly, jam, marmled, toffee, and chocolate, it can provide a large part of the body’s essential energy and essential chemicals.

Medical importance
The seeds of C Baku thorny beans contained a number of natural biological ingredients, which include medical disorders, blood disorders, diarrhea, nervous weakness, vomiting, pestilence, general illness and physical illness in patients with medical consideration. I have the ability to benefit. Although the research chain on C Baku Thorne fruit and its various ingredients continues, but it is commonly used to treat various diseases in China, Canada and some European countries. Especially in China and Russia, medicines made by it are very popular.

To treat the effects of some early diseases, fire burnt, and even radiation etc., the plants are also being used successfully by extracting oil from the plants. In 1986, some victims of an accident at the nuclear facility at Russia’s Chernobyl’s location were treated with this oil and ointment successfully. In addition, this oil has also been able to absorb ultraviolet rays. Due to this feature, it is also being used in skin preparation and lotion-saving lotions.

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