Increase in unemployment, selling cargo and other goods to sell craftsman fruit
Increase in unemployment, selling cargo and other goods to sell craftsman fruit

Increase in unemployment, selling cargo and other goods to sell craftsman fruit

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KARACHI: Due to the inflammatory hazards of cooking, food and other food in Ramadan, they were forced to sell fruits.

In Ramadaan, other food items, vegetables and other utensils, retailers buy from these stores and stalls to mosques, madarsas and public places, but in the last year, a large number of unemployed people in the month of fasting Instead of stalls, fruits related to the sale of fruits, and most people are selling turban on the shelves, because other fruits are more profitable and sold in the work of melting.

During the Express survey, Kargar Raza said that in every Ramadan hundreds of people were temporarily propelled by the sale of poultry and other accessories, but due to increase in inflation, the number of unemployed people has been associated with the sale of fruits. After 10 Ramadan, all the markets and markets of the city will open for the eid shopping, so apart from merchants, the number of customers will also go out of their homes and increase the cost of these accessories.
Rhinestone in the preparation of roll, green pearl shrimp pepper key points

Role is also very important in other accessories of Aftar, local worker said that the rollings are made locally in the houses in Aurangi Town, Liaqatabad, Rinchowar Line, Kharadar, Lari, Hussainabad and other areas. He said that 3 vegetables are very important in the roll, including cabbage, green onion and shrimp pepper, coating these vegetables and mix hot spices, pepper, salt and other items.

Famous People of Burns Road, Ranchhotra Line, Kharadar, President Laliyyatabad, Hussainabad

Chimera and her lip are also important in Aftar’s accessories, in many places of the city, white-colored gram flour and her lips are sold, Channa Late Pakistan Chowk, Burns Road, Ranchi Ghar line, Kharadar, President Laftab Abad, Husseinabad and other areas are lick-famous, even before promotion, simple promotion lats, cream fry licking and various types of fruit syrup are selling.

The Burns Road is the largest center of fasting equipment

Karachi is the largest center of Aftar’s equipments, besides Ranchholin, Pakistan Chowk, President, Kharadar, Tariq Road, Korangi No one, Defense, North Nazimabad, Gulbahar, Dhuraji and Liaqat No. 10, Liaqat Abad Dakhan In addition to samos, pancakes and rolls in UP, Orangi Town and other areas, people associated with large number of different professions also sell dairy flavors, two types of curd are sold well in Karachi, called small flavors. They are well-fed sweet gourds, sales are being sold between 280 to 350 rupees.

Most of the mixtures are sold in Ramadan, the worker

According to the survey, different types of pancakes are manufactured in different areas of Karachi, including mixture, onion cooked, potatoes, spinach, bananas, fish baked, Chicken Beef and Chili Peppers are included.

Basin, chopped red pepper, turmeric, onion, green peppers, yarn and other items are included to prepare all the pancakes, then potatoes, onions, spinach, eggplants, fish separately in the prepared basin of the baking. Chicken and peppers are prepared, local worker says that most of the mixtures of Ramadan are sold.

In homes, women prepare 70 percent of their utility activities

Women in homes in Ramadan prepare 70 percent of the altar of self-sacrificing themselves, but with changing circumstances, so many innovations have been prepared packages prepared by samples and rolls, and most women prepare these items with these prepared packages. If the barks are not bought from the market, then they are prepared only in homes, the taste of cooked cooked houses is unique and standard, usually 20 samos and roll packets are sold between Rs 250 to 00, women It is preferred that they prepare for homes for cooked houses.

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