Find the cause, remove the error, make the mistake
Find the cause, remove the error, make the mistake

Find the cause, remove the error, make the mistake

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When she completed the education, Mother worried about her relationship and then by the relatives who started getting married to each other on the third day in the house.

The tea and other accessories decorated in the tray and covered the head in the drawing room, then in the eyes the eyes of the women read the feelings of disorder for them. After the call of a woman who got married, she would have known that she did not like boys. Many times they were mentally crushed and depressed because they were rejected. The mother took her psychiatric psychologist, after which she started feeling better. The days passed The relationships between the younger sisters were fixed and they were married, but they will not be rewarded. Mother attempts to find a relationship further accelerate. Finally got married

After marriage, she found that husband is a drug addict. He tortured him. She kept quiet every chaos, but one day her husband divorced her. Now she wanted to marry someone else. This proved to be incredible for this girl. He would understand that even though the husband has hid her. Mother died after a divorce when she returned to the divorce and brother got one thing out of her house. Now she was forced to stay in a beloved house. He was under mental and psychological pressure !!
There are many events and countless characters in front of us. So, every human being can be frustrated, depressed, and mentally in some cases, even when ignoring his feelings, desires, and rejection, in any way, but girls are more sensitive. The last days read a news, according to which a girl cured her throat after she refused to relieve her relationship, but unfortunately, this treatment caused her to suffer from a similar disease which caused her to die. Pushed into mouth

Fear of ignoring, ignoring and rejecting any contradiction, causes a break in our personality. It can swallow confidence by swinging confidence and feeling it’s unhealthy. This condition makes it very disappointing, and any such person fears moving forward due to the risk of staying at every step and rejection. The fear of your unhappiness can be so intense that any girl looks hard to express her desire, expressions of expressions, and dreams, and life becomes meaningless.

However, such a quality and challenging girls should not find frustration and fear instead of finding any solid causes and causes. Each time it is considered to be rejected by the reasons for rejection, then life can change. Sometimes there is no concrete reason for refusing and ignoring any other reason, but you target someone’s negative thinking and liberty. You can solve this problem after both of them. The fear of getting rejected is when the nerves fall on the nose when the living room ends. This fear is not restricted to rituals and homes, but it affects every stage of employment, friendship, education, selfish life.

Educational field:

Usually teachers give more importance to intelligent students who are less educated and educated in students. They feel like a kind of stress that increases the value of their failure in examination. This quality and feeling cause such students to be disturbed by education. Often students set up assumptions that teachers do not like me, so give even less numbers in the examination. The fear of dismissing those students on the mind and mind is so impartial that they do homework and assignments as well as think that they will be rejected. Teaching teachers, attitudes and parents’ pathways can get them out of this situation.

Domestic environment:

The home environment is not that when children advise or recommend in any case, consider it carefully, consider it significantly or instead of rejecting each other, even if they understand the way and belief, they are convinced and fear of rejection Sits in the heart. This advice may also be related to the purchase of a small sister-in-law for schooling or clothing from home decor. If parents are not acceptable for their parents, even listen to them, express their beliefs or not being able to do so in a positive manner, then it makes confidence in the child’s personality. Parents should start talking, consulting or starting with a particular age, give them importance, ask their likes in purchasing clothes, listen to them. And then aware of its positive and negative aspect, their confidence will increase. At the same time, it will also be known that every suggestion is not a proposable process, in which future failure or rejection will show a positive response instead of getting worse.


Exit out of work for employment is to take the first step in practical life. There are interviews for the job where refusal and rejection can cause frustration. If so many times, you may also be in danger of mental stress and rejection. Instead of biting on this occasion and looking at others responsible, look at yourself, review your younger ones and try to understand why you have been rejected. The scope for employment

There may be many reasons for interviewing. The lack of ability and ability to demonstrate confidence can also be denied due to lack of confidence.

Next time prepare for yourself by reducing your shortcomings, disorders or errors. Basement can not be developed during a period of time, and it can be difficult to get any other partner to be found in a crucial position. But would you imagine it being rejected? Consider that perhaps your senior colleague may be better than you in any respect and have done well with higher education certificates, based on which it is considered more suitable for you than this. So look at your flaws and think it positively. Pay attention to doing courses in graduate that lead to growth in employment.

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